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I am very fond of nature trips. Having lived at the foot of the enchanting Mount Makiling for nearly 10 years, I relish walking on tree-lined sidewalks and breathing clean air while I jog around campus grounds. Reming, in 2006, taught me and my family to respect nature by all means. I realized that climate change can immensely impact the environment and bring natural impediment to households. Ondoy didn’t have to happen to get us to our toes in responding sooner to the call of the fight against global warming.

Ondoy Strikes Back

Perhaps, my experience at work have helped increase my awareness and sense of responsibility. In 2002, I volunteered at a local environmental organization, Haribon Foundation, to help in nature conservation and fulfill one of my dreams to be an environmentalist. It was a short-lived but fulfilling encounter which made me aware of the interconnectedness of ecosystems in the Philippines.

For a short time, I was taken in by the Bolinao Coastal-based Resource Management Team and consequently immersed with the community. From organizing to training fisherfolk and local government units to improve natural resource management, Haribon not only aims to increase awareness among Filipinos but also aims to solicit our help in an attempt to conserve our natural resources and abate global warming.

Eventually, the Bolinao project ended and I moved to another non-government organization. Initially, the office was located in Los Baños, Laguna. Within a few months, our office was transferred to Tinambac, Camarines Sur. A rather unspoiled destination, our office can be reached around 3 hours from Naga City.  Occasionally, we would go to Lagonoy Gulf but the road was so bad, trips to and from were limited and return trips scheduled in advance. If you don’t make the last trip, you’d have to camp out in the next 24 hours for the next ride.

The Bicol Region is very popular during rainy season. Because it is located at the easternmost wing of the archipelago, nearest the Pacific Ocean where storms usually build up, Bicol is usually found at the front page of major dailies during a typhoon. Next to Bicol, Quezon, Laguna and Manila also experience the worst during heavy rains. If life has been difficult in the coasts of Bolinao, Bicol has endured more. And as the climate changes, the more these communities will suffer.

Let us not leave our fellow Filipinos’ fate into their own hands. Please help restore our forests. We can start by spreading the word, encouraging others to be more eco-friendly and adapt low-carbon-emission lifestyles. The goal of awareness is to eventually ask people to  adopt ways of effectively lowering our carbon emissions and reducing consumption to reduce buildup. You will be amazed at how enormous our garbage dump increases each year.

A thousand people can’t counter the impact of global warming. Every one has to do his/her share. After all, we’ve only got one Earth.

Share with friends and support Haribon Foundation’s Road to 2020 Campaign. One easy step to restore the Philippine forests is to join My Million Hectare Run Blog Contest. Help spread the word! Haven’t you had enough of floods, excessive heat waves, and overflowing garbage?

Join and get a chance to experience nature at its best in an Adventure and Cultural Tour to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato. Travel and Spa gift certificates will be given to winners. Simply answer the 1 Million Question. Last day for submission of entries is on November 30, 11:59pm. So hurry!

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