Winter in the Philippines!

Batanes from Ivan About Town

My husband used to fly to Palawan and Boracay via SEAIR. I would love to experience Batanes via SEAIR, too! SEAIR is having this super cool Winter Bloggers’ Tour in their Facebook Fan Page and this is my official entry.

Many years ago, I had a knack for traveling alone to places I’ve never been. I’ve met and stayed in different local communities, sharing with whatever shelter they have to offer. Although some trips were exhausting, I would always find myself in a better state of mind after my sojourn trip.

Traveling across the Philippines is easier and more manageable now than 10 years ago. As with documenting our travels and experiences, we are blessed with technology that enable us to share and enrich others. Batanes had been in my top 10 destinations. Yet, my Batanes trip

Batanes from Ironwulfe En Route

seems to be pushed farther.

While in college, I’d volunteer and sleep

in cold floors just to be able to meet local folk and see the countryside. We’d walk miles and ride on top of jeepneys just to enjoy nature at its best.

Having read about the Ivatans, I would love the opportunity to stay with the community and try the local adventures. I’ve heard and read a lot about friends’ stories and I have envied them ’til now. I keep on going back to my friends’ fab photos in Batanes.

Now that I’m working on my DSLR skills, if I win, I will bring home fabulous photos of my exploration and adventure.

Batanes is an elusive beauty, a mix of cultures and I long to visit Batanes. Thanks to SEAIR for this opportunity to even dream of winning.


~ by theorangehut on December 20, 2010.

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