My Weekly Workout Plan: Getting Started

One of my goals for 2011 is to train for more challenging outdoor activities next year.  I have several adventures in line with this goal. And in order to get to my long term goals, I have to start off somewhere. Thus, I made my first warm up jog last January 8.

Many people who fail in their getting-fit plan start off the wrong way by making unrealistic goals and their disappointment will fuel their lack of interest in pursuing future fitness objectives.  I know because I’ve gotten into it several times way back in college.

I would join club members in jogging around our campus grounds and strive to maintain a regular jog schedule. Most of us show up during the first few sessions but more than half (me, included) find creative ways to miss the next sessions.

Last 2010, I neither jogged nor ran. But I am proud to say that I walk a lot. I can walk 3 blocks without complaining. Leisurely walks in unpolluted roads take me farther. Of course, I won’t walk that long wearing heels. Although I have done that several times in 2007 when I would get lost in Makati.

For my first jogging session, I just wanted to start with a slow but sure pace. I walked about 300 meters and did my stretching exercise. When I was ready, I jogged around the entire SM North complex. As much as possible I didnt stop (despite my exhaustion-this was my first jog since 2008) and tried to keep my pace. It was kind of a mind over matter thing.

Way back in 2007 to 2008, I had to cross 5 big malls in the morning to get to my office and then back to the 5 big malls in the evening on my way home.  I had to work Saturdays, and sometimes Sundays, so I practically felt it was too much malling!

Going back to my first 2011 jog, I was thankful I kept my pace because I felt refreshed after doing my cool down exercise. Although a few days after my jog, I felt the muscle pain and thought I better follow it up soon 😉


~ by theorangehut on January 23, 2011.

One Response to “My Weekly Workout Plan: Getting Started”

  1. I already stop my weightloss journey. there are several times that I failed and the more that I become depress especially if I exerted much effort into it.

    I do admire you for your discipline and perseverance
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

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