Workout Plan: Keeping Up with the Kids

2 weeks ago I followed my jogging regimen. I tried it differently by adding some weight, roughly 10kg. And I guess I wasn’t quite ready for it!

Actually, I brought along my 1-year-and-4-month-old son. He runs a lot inside the house and tires his nanny a lot. It was Sunday and I wanted to give his nanny some time off so I took him with me. I brought along his sling carrier.

I’ve been using this carrier since he was 6 months old. Back then, it was a time when he almost outgrew his infant seat. I did not have a nanny then so I had to think of something to make things easier for me. Taking care of 2 boys is not an easy feat. I used to leave him in his playpen when I cook and bathe his older brother. But really, growing babies easily get bored when left in their playpens. So I searched online for gadgets or tricks that we could try at home. Finally, I saw this infant sling.

From several infant carriers, I chose the Eezy-lift Carrier which proved to be more sturdy, convenient and safe for my son.  In my workout, I carried him during intervals as he was willing to walk and run along with me. It was not hard to get him to his feet. He just loved to run around. And since it was early- not a lot of vehicles about, I left him some distance and simply waved and called to get him to catch up.

When he catches up, he’d raise both hands to show that he wants to be carried. I don’t hesitate to carry him because he would eventually go down after getting his rest. I ended my workout at the empty parking lot and finished with some stretching and bending as part of my cool down.

I carried my son towards our building and he walked all the way up our door, which was 48 steps on the stairs. I guess he wanted to complete his workout, too.

Last Sunday, I woke up late but since it was cloudy I decided to catch up with my workout plan. Instead of taking my 1-year-old, my older son went along. He volunteered so I made him wear jogging pants and rubber shoes and took him with me. I started off really slow to get him more accustomed to the pace. But he was so excited he initially ran. After a third of the workout, he complained and wanted me to stop. I just kept jogging (in place) to keep my rhythm.

He was barely walking after. When we reached the facade of the mall where we were jogging, he held my hand and asked me to stop because he was too tired to go. So I let him rest while I continued to jog (in place). I can see that he was still excited to finish the round but this son particularly hates being warmed up. I guess he was complaining because he was already sweating.

The rest of our workout was spent longer with me mostly jogging in place. Oh well, maybe he just needs to join me again next time. Finally, we reached the parking lot where I make my cool down regimen. He simply sat and gazed at the other folks who were walking and running about. There weren’t much last Sunday. I wonder why. We dropped by the local panaderia to grab some pan de sal. Just love them hot!


~ by theorangehut on February 7, 2011.

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