My Toddler’s First Outdoor Adventure

After our hearty lunch at Paradizoo, we proceeded to the Residence Inn for an afternoon of fun. The facility and staff is ready for summer tourists, Tagaytay being one of the favorite destinations for the hot summer months. The zoo is a favorite for kids and kids at heart.

Obviously, I’ve been a returning guest. I’ve seen setups before and have chanced upon the worst of this facility. I am happy to see it is being revived and, hopefully, the welfare of the animals is also being served. This time, it was very refreshing to see that they’ve made the park lush by putting more plants and trees. And, yes, you can say that the Coral Vine is a favorite ornament.

More sections of the facility have been revamped to add interesting activities. You can now experience the zip line and a cable car ride from the old view deck. On top of a great Taal view, tourists from the metro need not go too far for a taste of extreme adventure.  Drop by on a weekend and you might be lucky to bump into these cool comic characters.

Toddller with Super Heroes

The playground was converted to house the Magic Show. On weekends, the shows are scheduled at 3pm onwards. The idle grassland in the midst of the zoo is now fenced to keep the eagle ‘free’ space to roam. Like before, the miniature horses, and now the alpaca, are allowed outside their fences and be fed by guests.

The restaurant and grill have been extended to let guests dine with a view, too. I met some tour operators during our snack and learned that many get involved in the business because of their love for travel.

But, oh, let me go back to the animals. The goats and sheep looked fatter and fluffy with their coats grown long. Tomas was anxious to feed the Alpaca. He watched as it heartily munched at the grass.

Feeding the Alpaca

Tomas saw the great eagle, too. Very happy to see it outside a cage, almost free. Because my legs were about to give up, I wasn’t able to go down to see the bird cages down the ravine. I know I took photos last 2007. I will try to find them and post them, too.

Cable Car at Residence Inn, Tagaytay

Yes! Tomas and I tried the cable car ride. I wanted to keep both hands on Tomas and the safety rail, so I wasn’t able to take photos of Taal Lake. It has been a long time since I’ve looked down from a high bridge or building so I was hoping I won’t get dizzy.

Well, I guess the ride isn’t that long to feel dizzy =)

After our ride, we went to see the reptiles and fish. Tomas saw the big snake at the Animal Encounter and he wanted to go near it. Haha. Mom’s not yet ready. Maybe we’ll do that next time, Tomas.


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