Freedom Climb 2011: Boracay Giveaway

Freedom climb 2011

Just a month before Independence Day, Freedom Climb 2011 will be celebrated by outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists. The highlight of the event is the Guinness World Record challenge to make a new record:


Filipino mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts have registered to summit different climb destinations, nationwide. Filipinos overseas are also joining the event and organizing to climb mountains in their respective host countries.

It is by no chance that we are also observing 2011 as the International Year of the Forests. In partnership with DENR, the event also supports the National Greening Program by integrating a tree planting activity in all climb destinations. In promoting responsible travel, all participants will help in the Mountain Clean-Up as they descend.

Freedom Climb 2011 Partners

To support Freedom Climb 2011, The Orange Nipa and Pinoy Holistic Healthcare will be giving away a Boracay getaway at Pearl of the Pacific, Station 1, Boracay. The Boracay Giveaway Contest duration is from May 10 to May 30 June 5, 2011. Winners will be posted at The Orange Nipa on June 12, 2011.

The Prize:

3D/2N stay at Pearl of the Pacific, Station 1, Boracay.

Good up to 4 pax. Accommodation only. Valid for booking from June to October 2011, subject to room availability. Advance booking by the winner is required.

How to earn entries:

1. Share this post on Facebook (2 points). Don’t forget to tag The Orange Nipa and Holistic Healthcare Philippines so we can count your entries.

Like Pearl of the Pacific, too, and get 1 bonus point!

Note: You must Like The Orange Nipa and Holistic Healthcare Philippines before you can tag or post on the wall. Use @The Orange Nipa and @HolisticHealthcarePhilippines

2. Share on Twitter (1 point). Include the hashtags so we can tally your tweets:

#freedomclimb2011 AND either #helpDENR OR #helpDOT

3. Make a blog post about the Freedom Climb 2011 with the following keywords (5 points):

-Freedom Climb 2011 (link to Freedom Climb 2011 website)

-Backpacking in the Philippines (link to The Orange Nipa)

-Boracay Getaway (link to Pearl of the Pacific)

For blog posts, leave your post link as a comment. All entries will be posted on the Freedom Climb 2011 Ambassadors (with a link to your post).

How to win:

Earn as many points for more chances of winning!

Entries will be raffled via  Screenshots will be posted on The Orange Nipa.


All entries from posting until May 15 May 22 (I am a blogger, too, and had been immensely affected by Blogger’s down time the previous days so we’re giving others a chance) will be raffled for 1 winner of 3D/2N Accommodation at any Days Hotel Branch. Accommodation is good for 2. Winner gets to pick from Tagaytay, Batangas, Iloilo or Cebu!

Additional note on Bonus giveaway: Valid for booking from June to December 2011, subject to room availability. Advance booking by the winner is required.

Stay tuned and watch out for our giveaway updates..

For those who are having difficulty/issues posting your blog posts here, you may post a link of your entries at Pinoy Holistic Healthcare


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  3. hi leah, i cant seem to open the freedom climb website 😦

  4. Hi! The website may be undergoing some updates from time to time. Kindly try again after a few minutes.

  5. my entry 🙂

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  8. excited to know who won ehehe 🙂

  9. yey i won!! miss leah i sent a message using my personal email add 🙂

  10. Processing your Days Hotel preferred booking 🙂 will let you know as soon as it is approved. Congratulations!

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